How Females in Food is Helping the Food & Beverage Industry Become More Sustainable

80% of food buying decisions are made by women globally, yet representation at senior-level leadership positions across the food and beverage industry is less than 20%.

This statistic is jarring, but most of all, it’s not sustainable for the future of the food and beverage industry. Angela Dodd, the founder of Females in Food, set out to change that.

Dodd wanted to help women advance their careers by removing barriers and supporting them along their journey.

There are everyday realities that tear women down and hinder their progress, leaving women feeling like the chips are stacked against them.

This lack of sustainability hinders the food and beverage industry as women seek to grow in their careers as new professionals through senior-level executives.

A sustainable food and beverage industry allows companies and employees to meet their current needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

Dodd envisioned an industry where women had access to the resources they needed to empower their careers. She imagined a network that would easily connect women with female-friendly organizations and a world where women didn’t have to choose between motherhood and career advancement.

Fueled by the need to give women in the food and beverage industry a voice, the Females and Food community was born.

Females in Food accelerates careers and connects women with female-forward companies. They exist to support women throughout their career journey, from women who aspire to hold a managerial role to women who already do.

Their mission is simple – to advance women in the food and beverage industry.

To help the food and beverage industry become more sustainable in supporting and advancing women in their careers, Females in Food focuses on three main commitments: cultivated community, career acceleration, and creating opportunities.

  • Cultivated Community: Females in Food unites women across every food and beverage industry segment and allows women to support each other, access real-time feedback, and form lasting relationships through their mentorship program and curated events. The community establishes intentional bonds and meaningful relationships to help women support women.
  • Career Acceleration: From job search strategies to personal branding to enhancing executive presence, Females in Food empowers careers by delivering resources for the everyday realities. They have resources to help all women, regardless of where they are in their career journey. By providing women with the tools to accelerate their careers, they’re putting them back in the driver’s seat.
  • Creating Opportunities: Females in Food works as a talent connector and provides visibility while advocating for change at both the company and policy level. The food and beverage industry needs to change and adapt to become more sustainable for women and their future. By advocating for opportunities to improve companies and careers, Females in Food is setting out to change the industry for the better.

Females in Food is committed to helping women advance in the food and beverage industry, including closing the gender gap at the top. Their initiatives empower careers, provide visibility, and help companies close the gaps across parity, pipeline, and policy.

They proudly work with employers who are committed to designing and supporting a better workplace for women and who understand that our industry becomes more sustainable and profitable when women are equally represented at the top.

Visit FemalesinFood.Community to learn how you can join the community today.

For more career resources, networking, and job opportunities, check out our membership community Females in Food. Our mission is simple – to advance women into senior leadership positions across every segment of the F&B industry and close the gender gap.

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