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Above all else, Females In Food is a community. We propel high-achieving women forward by providing connection, resources, and the best opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry.

We use data to drive transparency and build better workplaces for women by collecting employer reviews and publishing annually so that you can make informed power moves.

We help top rated companies attract, hire and retain experienced women who work across every sector of the food and beverage industry.


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Using data to drive transparency and transform the workplace for women.  FIF collects employer reviews, publishing them annually and recognising the top rated companies. We’re helping women find the companies and jobs where they will thrive. 

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More women are entering the Food and Beverage Industry than ever before...

Women represent 80% of the global food buying decisions…yet
0 %
only 24% women are represented in the C-Suite (1.4% being Black Women)
For every 100 men promoted, only 86 women are promoted
0 %
Women hold only 7% of board seats in elite private firms (and 26% of seats on the S&P 500)

Our mission is to change this

And what makes a female leader most likely to succeed against these odds?

 Another female leader by her side. Or a few thousand, while we’re at it.

The Females in Food Community is a first-of-its-kind home where female leaders in the food and beverage industry can foster meaningful connections, access highly-vetted resources and learn from industry trailblazers so their careers can soar.

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Amy Black

"Like many, I was faced with the challenge of navigating new employment this year, during one of the most uncertain, scary times of my life. The FIF Network made me to feel that I have hundreds of women at my fingertips in all areas of the Food Industry as my ally. I am so thankful for all of the resources that the community provided to help me land my next job!"

Tiffany Putland

“The Job Transition Master Mind course offered through Females in Food helped me approach my career search in an entirely different way. I changed my mindset to what I want to do not what I can do. Additionally, we learned that it’s ok to point out the unique talents we bring to a team instead of trying to fit ourselves into a specific box.”

Alyssa Badger

"Joining FIF was so much different than any other networking group I have been a part of. The passion behind this community to lift up other women in such a professional manner will keep me an advocate for life. FIF is making a real difference in so many lives, including mine, because of the consistent webinars and events that keep everyone close and inspired."


Global Food Buying Decisions Are Made By Women


Representation of women in senior leadership positions across every segment of the F&B industry

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