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Due to COVID we are hosting the majority of our events online. However, we are slowly starting to bring back some socially distanced events with enhanced safety measures. 

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Activate Your Path to Happiness – Table Talk with Emily LeVasseur
Join this interactive table talk with Emily LaVasseur to learn how she climbed the corporate ladder and activated her own path to happiness.
Table Talk with Carlie Froemke — Why, How & What You Eat
Why, How & What You Eat — Learn to cultivate body INSIGHT to connect the way you eat to the way you feel.
First Find Your Uniqueness, Then Connect with Alexis Gladstone
Join us for a two-part session where we will first discuss how to identify your uniqueness and stand out, followed by ideas to build and nurture your relationships in the today’s evolving business landscape.
Overcome Fatigue – Drink Caffeine Strategically with Danielle Robertson
Join us for a power hour dedicated to overcoming fatigue with caffeine expert Danielle Robertson Rath, better known as GreenEyedGuide. She is a food scientist and biochemist specializing in caffeine.

Lorraine Oberholtzer

Consulting Dietitian

When I looked around the room and heard the stories of the women in attendance, I truly felt an instant bond-these women emitted such a warmth, strength and resilience! They were overcomers and the type to press-on despite the odds. Even after the better part of two decades in the food industry, I felt I learned something from each woman in attendance that night.

Ella R

Event Attendee

It was a such a fun event, organized very well!

I particularly enjoyed the terrific networking opportunities amongst a group of motivating women!I appreciated the quality of discussions and made a number of connections with fellow female-entrepreneurs whom I am excited to keep in touch with

Pam Haupt

Director of Food & Nutrition

The entire evening was fantastic!

It was such an uplifting evening of incredibly smart, focused women.

Thank you Angela for the great planning, and thank you Shannon for all the customer insights. I look forward to seeing you all again.

Leah Tanya

Event Attendee

I had an incredible evening networking with these incredible women!

I'm so grateful for women who support one another.

We laughed hard, cried, talked about successes, failures, how to improve! It was truly an evening of positivity and growth.

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