The 6 Best Career Gifts To Give Yourself

The holiday season is among us, and while our celebrations may look a bit different this year, our careers don’t have to. So, when you’re creating your holiday shopping list, don’t forget to add a few things for yourself. While you might think to get yourself a new pair of shoes or a fancy bottle of wine, who says your wish list is only for material things? Sometimes the best gifts are the intangible ones that you can feel the impact of instead of see. Give yourself the gift of a new skill, a more efficient job search, or a better career. Here are six ideas if you’re looking for a place to start.

Join a Networking Group

Studies have shown that upwards of 80% of jobs are found through networking. That fact alone is reason enough to network, but the cherry on top is that it’s estimated that 70% of jobs aren’t even posted online. These days there are plenty of ways to make new connections both in-person and online. Try googling local organizations in your areas of interest to see where you can make connections with professionals in your city. Or if you’re looking for a virtual network of women, check out Females In Food, a professional development, networking, and recruitment platform that unites and accelerates women’s careers across every segment of the food and beverage industry.

Customize Your Work Station

If you’re looking for a tangible gift that will impact your career, use this as an opportunity to finally invest in your work station. With more and more people working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s as important as ever to enjoy your workspace. That means investing in an ergonomic desk chair, hanging up that motivational wall art, or finally getting a pair of wireless headphones. Indulge in something that makes you happy when you log on for the day or something that makes your day a little bit easier. This goes for if you’re working in an office, too! 

Hire a Resume Writer

If you’ve ever been on the job hunt, you know it’s a full-time job. Between researching positions and companies, updating your resume, writing cover letters, preparing for the interview, and perfecting the perfect interview outfit, it’s a huge investment of time. It’s frustrating when you apply for job after job, and all you hear is crickets. Unfortunately, the culprit is most likely your resume. If your job search leaves much to be desired, hire a resume writer. Their expertise is to write a resume that gets you noticed and gets you the job. Don’t let your resume be what’s standing in the way between you and your dream career.

Take an Online Course

Online learning has become more and more accessible. This year, give yourself the gift of a new skill. There’s no excuse not to learn about that one thing you’ve been putting off adding to your resume. Check out websites like SkillshareMasterClass, and Career Contessa to sharpen your skillset and improve your arsenal of expertise.

Work with a Career Coach

The value that comes with working with a career coach is endless. They help you build confidence in your career and help you recognize your value as a professional. If you’re feeling stuck in your current role or need help getting to that next level, there is no better time than now to hire a career coach.

Give Yourself Permission 

Perhaps one of the most important gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is permission. Permission to leave a toxic work environment. Permission to move on from a career that no longer suits your ambitions and purpose. Permission to do what’s best for you right here and now. Release yourself from any preconceived notions about your career and what it should be. Give yourself the permission to live your best career today.

For more career resources, networking, and job opportunities, check out our membership community Females in Food. Our mission is simple – to advance women into senior leadership positions across every segment of the F&B industry and close the gender gap.

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